Sreepathy Students
Sponsorship Scheme


The flood that devasted many parts of Kerala and the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in economic slowdown affecting common people. Most of the parents are finding it difficult to enroll their wards in higher education institutions especially in Engineering colleges. Sreepathy Institute of management and Technology is well aware of this situation and proposes a scheme that intends to help the bright and needy students to pursue Engineering Education. 

The scheme is to provide free education by identifying corporates / individuals for sponsorship. We are confident in implementing the scheme with full support from people who can afford by extending their might for this noble cause. 

The scheme is integrated with other student supports like regular mentoring, higher studies / start up / placement guidance by sponsor and college. We request everybody to be a part of this unique venture.

Selection Process

           The Candidates for sponsorship will be identified from the rank list prepared based on the marks in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics in qualifying examination, income of the parent and selection test.

           More Details will be announced later.

Blessing Messages From Distinguished Personalities