Grievance Cell

Grievance Redressal Committee For Staff

SIMAT provides a mechanism to staffs for redressal of their grievances with regard to their complaints on academic and non-academic matters. Grievance Redressal Cell was set up at SIMAT strictly adhering to the guidelines provided with the AICTE. The Cell is composed of a Chairperson and staff representatives, ensuring a diverse and impartial approach to resolving complaints. The Cell maintains transparency by making its procedures easily accessible to all staff members. Confidentiality is maintained throughout the process, and staff members have the right to appeal to a higher authority if they are not satisfied with the resolution provided by the Cell.

Staff Redressal Committee

No   Name                                Position/Designation
1.     Dr. S.P Subramanian      Chairperson Principal, SIMAT
2 .    Senior Professor             University Member –
3.     Nominee                           DTE/ University Member –
4.     Dr. Ramkumar P N          Member HOD, ME
5.     Dr. Hema P Menon         Member HOD, CSE
6.     Mr. Rejaneesh R              Staff ClubConvenor Asso. Prof. EE