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AICTE has recently approved VLSI DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY as a new undergraduate course that would help to realize our nation’s biggest dream to become self reliant in the field of  semiconductor chip and display manufacturing. In the current international scenario automation industry is facing a massive shortage in the fields of semiconductor chips. In this context, as part of Make In India Policy, Central Government has approved Rs.76000 Crore policy boost for semiconductor and display manufacturing ecosystem, in a bid to position India as global hub for Hi -Tech production. The self sustainability of this technology in our country will lead to the creation of nearly 5 lakh plus job opportunity in our country in the field of semiconductor chip manufacturing, with collaborations from International job market. In every area of the nation’s semiconductor ecosystem, there is a major shortage of educated labor. A total of 85,000 people are expected to be needed during the next five to seven years at the B. Tech, M. Tech, and Ph.D. levels in the fields of VLSI technology, semiconductor manufacturing and related fields.

VLSI stands for Very Large Scale Integration and is a technology that allows complex digital systems to be miniaturized onto a single IC. This technology creates highly sophisticated systems that are smaller, faster, and consume less power. The 4-year B.Tech. in Electronics Engineering (VLSI Design and Technology) program aims to provide engineering graduates with in-depth knowledge of integrated circuit designs, also referred to as chip design. It aims to prepare qualified graduates who are aware of the essential elements of VLSI Design that are required in VLSI domain Industries. Graduates of the B.Tech. in Electronics Engineering (VLSI Design and Technology) program will gain a thorough knowledge of semiconductor devices, VLSI circuit design and verification, FPGA design, and the fabrication process, as well as practical experience with the top EDA (Electronic Design & Automation) tools. The evergreen VLSI domain is used in fields including communications, signal & image processing, space research, and the automation industry for the design and verification of electronic systems and circuits.

The different fields where VLSI engineers can work include Application VLSI Engineers, VLSI Chip Design Engineers, VLSI Engineers For Verification and VLSI Engineers For Sales. The Indian companies which are hiring for VLSI engineers are Advanced Micro Devices, Cadence, Synopsis, Samsung India Electronics Pvt Ltd, Vector India Pvt Ltd, Global Research Innovation & Development, Qualcomm, Intel, Nvidia, Infinera, Altera etc. Top VLSI companies in the world include Texas Instruments, Broadcom Inc, TSMC, SK Hynix, Toshiba, Micron Technology.