Applied Science and Humanities

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Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry coming under Applied Sciences, are the keystones of all engineering disciplines. A sound base in these subjects is essential for achieving excellence in engineering.

“Who knows only his own generation always remains a child:’’ Cicero. Human sensibility is the bedrock of good professionalism. Historical awareness of the concerted evolution of science and technology and civilization, through triumphs, defeats and follies, orientate the budding engineers towards the right goals for a better world. Good communication skills are the basic requirement in all walks of life and the key to professional success.

The study of economics sensitizes engineers to their economic environment and its possibilities and challenges. A healthy mind can prosper only in a healthy body. Athletics and games are the best means for physical fitness and mental recreation. It is with this clear vision that this course has found place in the engineering curriculum. Along with imparting knowledge in these subjects, the brilliant and dedicated faculty members of this department inculcate the students with an appreciation of their lifelong value, thus fulfilling the objectives of including these courses in the curriculum.

Our Vision


A one day motivational training session for the first year student’s 2020 admission was held on March 14th 2021 by NSS Unit, SIMAT.

A one week induction program for the first year student’s 2020 admission was held from November 23rd 2019 to November 28th 2019. 

A three week Student Induction Program for the first year B.Tech students (2019 admissions) was held from July 22 to August 9, 2019. 

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Dr. K T Madhavan

Professor in Applied Science Research Cell

M.Sc, Ph.D


Head of Department

M.Tech, Ph.D

Hithes P

Associate Professor

M.Sc Physics

Suraj Kumar E S

Asst. Prof

M.A. Ecnomics

Ratheesh T

Physical Education


Jishnu B H

Asst. Prof

MSc Maths

Sini M

Associate Professor

MSc Maths, B.Ed.

Soumya P

Asst. Prof

MA English Literature


Asso. Prof.

MSc Mathematics


Asst. Prof.

MSc Mathematics


Asst. Prof.

MSc Physics

Dhananjayan T P

Visiting Professor

Lab Faculty

Mini O P

Lab Instructor