Central Library will remain open all working days
from 8.30 AM to 6.30 PM


We Provide wide range of books for students to learn from

Notes & Study Materials

Hand Written and printed lecture notes & Short notes are provided

Digital Library

Students are given access to online libraries and resource sites for digital study materials

We provide students with the books and resources they need

The spacious library has over 10,000 volumes in addition to a full-fledged Digital library. The fully computerized library system enables the staff and student to search and reserve books of their choice with ease. In addition to many national and international journals being available in hard copy format. SIMAT also offers access to a very large number of Electronic journals that have been recommended by AICTE.

In the library, the user can search for the availability of a particular book. Separate computers with the multimedia facility are set apart for this. This facility can be used even from the user’s house through the internet. The library is opened from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM and the timings can be extended on special request.

Library Automation

The library has been automated by LINWAYS, a leader in the field of library automation and is integrated with the Advanced Academic Management System(AMS).The database of books available in the library is updated daily with details of the acquired books.This computerized system enable all users to search the availability of books by using various search parameters like Book Title,Author,Publisher or subject.Users can also view details about all their book transactions.


The students and staff have full access to J-Gate Engg, ASTM Digital Library online version, Elsevier, McGraw Hill, Wiley-Blackwell-CSE,Data System,Wiley-Blackwell-ME,EEE,Wiley-Blackwell-CE,IEEE and Asian Journal of Management Cases.

Library Staff

Aswathy K.R.

Asst. Librarian


Asst. Librarian

Aadarsh Kattasseri

Library Assistant

Code of Conduct in the Library

  1. Do not bring your personal belongings/food items to the library. An adequate storage facility is provided at the entrance to keep your belongings. Of course, the purses and a few pages of white paper can be taken to the Library. Other belongings shall be kept at the property counter. However, the Librarian is not liable for any loss of items stored. Keep the footwear outside the main door of the Library. 
  2. The library is a place of study. All users are required to maintain silence and to follow the instructions of the staff at all times and maintain a professional environment conducive to study. 
  3. Students should not use Library facilities during class hours 
  4. Stealing or damaging the property of the Library or misbehavior with library staff shall be considered as an act of indiscipline 
  5. The Librarian reserves the right to recall any book issued even prior to the due date of return, if necessary. 
  6. A member can reserve any book which is on loan. 
  7. At the end of the loan period, the student can renew the book by producing the same before the librarian. If renewed he/she can keep the book for another 10 more days, provided the book is not under reservation. 
  8. After the loan period, if they fail to return or renew, the existing late fee decided by the Library Advisory Committee will be charged, Absence from the college will not be treated as an excuse. 
  9. If the book issued to a member is lost, the member should replace the same book. If not he must pay the present price of the book and an additional fine which is prevailing. In the case of out of print/rare books, the worth of the fine will be decided by the Library Advisory Committee. For any sort of damage done to the book issued, the Librarian will be responsible to fix the fine that the member has to pay 
  10. While returning a book if there is any sort of tampering with the barcode sticker or Spinal label pasted on the book he/she is liable to pay the existing fine. 
  11. Don’t disturb the arrangements of chairs in the library. 
  12. Don’t switch on light/fans unnecessarily. All students have to enter the necessary details in the entry register kept at the entrance of the Library.
  13. Book Bank: Our college library is operating a book bank scheme for students. The students who are willing to join this scheme have to take membership by paying the membership fee. The students can procure textbooks for the relevant academic semester by incurring only 25% of the price of the book (initially a member has to pay 50% of the book, 25% will be refunded after returning the book in good condition).

Library Committee






Mr. Rejaneesh R


Asso. Prof. EEE


Mr. Aswathy K R


Asst. Librarian


Mr. Rajesh P


Asst. Librarian


Ms. Anumol S


Asst. Prof. CE


Ms. Leeshma O V


Asst. Prof. CSE


Mr. Sugesh M S


Asso. Prof. ECE


Mr. Anoop K C


Asst. Prof. ME


Mr. Jishnu B H


Asst. Prof. AS&H