Advanced communication technology is a four-year B.Tech. program under the department of Electronics and Communication Engineering. This UG course is created to train engineering students in accordance with Government of India (GOI) and the requirements outlined by AICTE in the fastest growing field of 5G technology. This is in line with the Government of India’s current focus on 5G to increase GDP, create employment, and digitize the economy.

With the world getting digitized and the speed of communication becoming an important factor, the evolution of 5G communication systems is imminent. While the B.Tech ECE program focusses on electronic devices and the analog and digital communication systems, the B.Tech program in advanced communication and technology focusses on the modern communication system such as 5G. The Fifth Generation (5G) and Advanced Communication Technologies, such as Massive Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO), Beam Forming through Advanced Digital Signal Processing, Device to Device (D2D) communication, Millimeter Wave (mm-Wave) technologies, etc., will be the focus of this engineering program.  

After finishing this course, students will have professional prospects in a range of industries, including network providers such as BSNL, AIRTEL,  manufacturing, health care, education, and information technology infrastructure.