Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

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Prof. Sushma M

HOD - ECE Department

IQAC was constituted at SIMAT in September 2019 following the guidelines issued by KTU. Prior to the inception of IQAC, SIMAT had an Internal Auditing Cell whose main objective was to prepare for external auditing by the university and assist the external auditor.

Objectives of IQAC

> To ensure academic accountability.
> To monitor and enhance the quality of education through proper guidelines for both teaching faculty and students
> To define effectiveness of the teaching – learning process and to devise a methodology to confirm maximum output from faculty members as well as students.
> To ensure that the colleges are following OBE in its true sense.

IQAC Policy

IQAC at SIMAT is committed to the culture of quality through the policy of continuous monitoring and improvement by developing a student centric approach which provides a conducive teaching-learning and research environment thereby moulding the students into creative thinkers, problem solvers and with human values for making a positive contribution to the society.

The Composition of IQAC


As directed by the University, the following is the Composition

Chairperson: Head of the Institution
Teachers to represent all level (Three to eight, the senior among them will be the coordinator / director)
One member from the Management
One senior administrative officer
One nominee each from local society, students and alumni
One nominee each from Industry and Professional body

The IQAC shall meet at least once in every quarter.

Suggestions for quality improvement may be sent to the IQAC coordinator at


Dr. S P Subramanian – Principal

Mr. K H Parameswaran – Management Representative

Mr. K B Brahmadathan – Member – Professional Body

Mr. Janardanan M K – Administrative Officer

Ward Member

Mr. Paul Jacob – Member – Industry

Mr. Sanakaranarayanan K M, Asst. Prof. CE

Ms. Jayasree N Vettath, Asst. Prof. CSE

Ms. Sreeja P, Asst. Prof. ECE

Mr. Rejaneesh R, Asst. Prof. EEE

Mr. Vinaykrishnan U, Asst. Prof. ME

Ms. Sangeetha K – Alumni Member

Mr. Visakh V – S7 CE

Minutes of Meeting