Mentoring and Counselling

Mentoring and Counselling @ SIMAT

One of the most effective systems functioning in SIMAT that bridges the gap between the student and teaching community is the Counselling Linked Mentoring system. Each faculty member is assigned a group of students as their wards and that staff member, the Mentor, has the additional voluntary responsibility of moulding and guiding their wards in all academic and personal fronts.


Nimisha Kalikulamkara Unnikrishnan
(Student Counsellor)

Masters in Psychology and Specialized in counseling.
MPhil in psychology.

The Counselling Linked Mentoring System at SIMAT is designed to:

  • Provide the student with a personalized point of contact at the College;
    Support their academic and personal development
  • Help induct them into the academic community and their academic studies
    Help them to learn and live in the college environment and show where to find
  • sources of academic and welfare support.

The Counselling Linked Mentoring System of SIMAT is a three tier arrangement. As the first step, the Mentor, having a close proximity with their wards, can easily identify any sort of aberration in the student’s behaviour, performance or such other matters of concern. The first tier of the system is the Mentor himself and the counselling is done during the Mentoring meetings. Adequate amount of time is spent on the student by which, in most of the cases, the student’s problems are resolved. If the Mentor feels that the problem is beyond his comprehension he will then refer it to the Counselling Centre/Head of department. The third tier of the system is the professional counsellor who visits our college twice every week. If the staff counsellors also fail to make an impact, then the student will be referred to the professional counsellor. Instead of going through this procedure a student can directly approach any staff counsellors or the professional counsellor if he/she wishes to and the transactions of the meeting will be strictly confidential.

Student Mentoring / Counseling Committee






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