The Department moulds outstanding young engineers, both in theory and in practice, who are academically good. We organize additional programs to train the learner for a career in their respective area, including paper presentations, professional seminars & mock interviews. Special orientation and training is provided to staff annually to refresh their acumen and to implement the new technology changes.
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Civil Engineering

The department of Civil Engineering, SIMAT is established with a vision to become the centre of excellence in the subjects pertaining to Civil Engineering. The well furnished classrooms arranged under close supervision of faculty in secluded and serene atmosphere provide the ambience for theoritical studies, seminars and project guidence to the students to mould them to be successful professionals in the feild. The consultancy service wing of department provides solutions for the problems related to structural design,soil and foundation, surveying and mapping,water pollution and sanitation. This provides the students vast oppurtunities to involve in real time projects.

Computer Science and Engineering

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering started functioning from the very beginning of this college. Our field has been pushing the envelope of almost all other disciplines which use computing as a fundamental means of inquiry and tool for discovery. Department of Computer science and engineering provides excellent lab facility with timely up-gradation of the computers, peripherals and 2Mbps internet facility . It also provides facility for access to various national and international journals for good academic support to faculty and students. The department maintains a Library for staff and students, which includes reference books and back up volumes of the previous years’ university question papers, seminar and project reports.

Electronics and Communication Engineering

ECE, the combination of two major branches of engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication, is one of the largest and fastest growing sectors of the present industry. Electronics engineering distinguishes itself from other technical trades by the constant redefinition of its sphere of influence. This branch of engineering help us to see, hear and communicate over vast distances, supervise production and manufacturing processes and oversee installation and maintenance of computers, peripherals, and components. We work with equipment that use extremely small amounts of power. The role of the electronics engineer is pivotal in realms ranging from the toy industry to consumer electronics, from household articles to space/satellite communication.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Electrical Engineers are the mainstay of every engineering activity. They power diverse spheres of activity starting from the generation of power, right down to the distribution level. Electrical Engineering has for long accommodated two disciplines – Power and Communication. Power engineers have concentrated on the infrastructural realm– power generation, transmission, distribution, equipment design (rotating & static), electrical drives, consulting, etc. Communication engineers design, control and maintain instrumentation, control, data acquisition, metering accessories among others. This domain spans aerospace, automotive, chemical, metallurgical fields. The strong emphasis on advanced mathematical tools that courses through their syllabus, lends them an acute sense of detail. This gives them strong interdisciplinary skills, cutting across several knowledge bases.

Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering Department of Sreepathy Institute of Management and Technology (SIMAT) was established in 2009. In 2011, the first batch of ME branch was started. The Department has well qualified and experienced teaching and non-teaching staff engaged in teaching and development of practical and managerial skills of the students. They also contribute effectively in maintaining discipline and nurturing the personality of the students.  The following facilities have been upgraded for the requirements of all the students: Mechanical workshop, Mechanical laboratories comprising fluid dynamics, hydraulics, heat transfer, heat engines, production, instrumentation & CAD/CAM. A separate Mechanical Engineering Facilities Block is under construction to house all the various requirements   of the ME students. In 2014 we have started one more batch for B-Tech Mechanical Engineering. CNC Turning Centre was inaugurated on 28th October 2014. We have an ambitious plan to develop the department, in a few years, into a research hub comprising of multiple projects leading to reputed publications.

Applied Science and Humanities

Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry coming under Applied Sciences, are the keystones of all engineering disciplines. A sound base in these subjects is essential for achieving excellence in engineering. “Who knows only his own generation always remains a child:’’ Cicero. Human sensibility is the bedrock of good professionalism. Historical awareness of the concerted evolution of science and technology and civilization, through triumphs, defeats and follies, orientate the budding engineers towards the right goals for a better world. Good communication skills are the basic requirement in all walks of life and the key to professional success. The study of economics sensitizes engineers to their economic environment and its possibilities and challenges. A healthy mind can prosper only in a healthy body. Athletics and games are the best means for physical fitness and mental recreation. It is with this clear vision that this course has found a place in the engineering curriculum.Along with imparting knowledge in these subjects, the brilliant and dedicated faculty members of this department inculcate the students with an appreciation of their lifelong value, thus fulfilling the objectives of including these courses in the curriculum.


The spacious library has over 10,000 volumes in addition to a full-fledged Digital library.The fully computerized library system enable the staff and student to search and reserve books of their choice with ease.In addition to many national and inter naional journals being available in hard copy format.SIMAT also offers access to a very large number of Electronic journals that have been recommended by AICTE.