SIMAT Alumni

The alumnus forms the major strength of an institution. SIMAT maintains a strong and a positive relationship with its alumni and can benefit the institute socially, academically and professionally. The Alumni Association of SIMAT formed in 2015, functions through its administrative body which holds periodic meetings, elects office bearers and regularly updates the database of the alumni of the institution. 

SIMAT conducts formal Alumni association meetings every year to reunite with their friends, staff, and management, revitalize their memories and share industry trends and needs to the prospective graduates. Alumni during these meets, discuss their experiences as a student during their stay in the college and also their experiences in their workplace. Alumni attend the meet enthusiastically and exchange their ideas about making the association more active.

Apart from formal alumni association meetings, the institution also engages the alumni support in many ways such as collecting suggestions, feedback on existing curriculum, updates on emerging trends, etc through various networking platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc., which act as an impetus to improve the institute Teaching Learning and OBE process. 

The institution has included our alumni as a significant part of many of the notable academic and administrative bodies such as Internal Quality Assurance Cell, Department Advisory Committee; etc. The institution gives high regard to the suggestions of alumni and utilizes the services for the development of the institution in all the possible ways.