Events – January 2021


Camping forms an integral part of NSS Program. It is a creative, sustained, and collective educational experience for students in social service through planned living to achieve certain specified objectives.

As a part of the 7 Day Special camp NSS Unit 233, SIMAT conducted a pre-camp Orientation session for the volunteers. The program started at 6 PM through Google Meet with the Manavageetham, followed by welcome speech by Ms. Vishnu Lakshmi P P (NSS Volunteer). The session was handled by Mr. Syam Prasad G (NSS Programme Officer, SIMAT). He shared various experiences during the last camps and also gave brief details about the camp projects and created awareness among the volunteers about the aim and way of conducting the camp smoothly. He gave instructions and guidelines that should be strictly followed during the camp. The session was really informative and helpful for the campers. Mrs. Jayasree N Vettath (Assosciate Program Officer), Mr. Arjun Aravind P (NSS Volunteer Secretary) also addressed the volunteers. The session winded up by 7.30 PM with the vote of thanks by Uma A M (NSS Joint Volunteer Secretary).

Snaps from Pre-Camp Orientation


REPUBLIC DAY (26/01/2021)

In India republic day is celebrated on 26th January as the Government of India Act (1935) was replaced by the Constitution of India in 1950. The day esteemed all around India as a symbolization of respect toward the Republic Nation.

The NSS unit 233 of SIMAT also commemorated the day by conducting certain programs through online platform. In relation to the day a quiz completion named “PARAMPARA” and Malayalam patriotic song competition “DESHBAKTHI”, were also conducted. The quiz competition was conducted through Google meet and many students have participated in the program. Both the programs were open to all students of Sreepathy. Prizes were also distributed to the winner.




In relation to the census to be conducted in Nagalassery Grama Panchayath the Groundwater department along with the NSS Unit 233 of SIMAT organized an Orientation Session “NEERARIVU” for the volunteers. The program started with the welcome speech by Mr. Syam Prasad G (NSS Program Officer, Unit 233 SIMAT). The session was inaugurated by Dr. S.P Subramanian (Principal, SIMAT). The session was handled by Anish M (Hydrogeologist, Groundwater Dept.) He gave a brief idea to the volunteers on the need and motto of ground water surveys and also familiarized an mobile application which would help the volunteers for the survey. Few volunteers along with the speaker visited the nearby houses as a part of survey demonstration. It was an informative session for the volunteers. The presence of Mr. Sebin Sunny P (Staff Program Co-ordinator) also made the session fruitful. The session came to an end with the feedback session and vote of thanks by Ms. Suhailath T K (S3, ECE).

Snaps from Neerarivu


PALLIATIVE DAY (28/01/2021)

As a part of palliative Day, on 28th January 2021 Thursday, the Nagalassery Gram Panchayat conducted a primary health service program “Thanal 2021” at block Panchayat hall Thrithala. Panchayath Members, officials, Palliative care workers, Asha workers, Kudumbasree workers etc took part in the program. Few NSS volunteers of unit 233, SIMAT helped them for conducting the program. Volunteers helped them in the documentation, sanitization, serving refreshments and foods. The program was conducted strictly following the Covid-19 protocols.

Snaps from the program



Few volunteers of NSS Unit 233,SIMAT took part in the maintenance work (Cleaning, painting etc) of the Government Boys Children’s home Thavanur, Malappuram on 28th of January from 10am to 3pm. Mr. Vaishak (Staff Of Children’s home) guided the volunteers in works. Volunteers also spend some time with the children of the orphanage.

Snaps from cleaning children home


At regular intervals the children need to be given Polio Vaccination respective of their ages. The Nagalassery health centre organized a 3 day Polio vaccination program at the koottanad health centre. Few NSS volunteers of NSS Unit 233, SIMAT assisted the health officers in the smooth conduct of the program. They were given the work of canvassing the people about the importance of polio vaccination in a booth outside the health centre.

Polio Vaccination program

The NSS Unit 233, SIMAT also observed the following days:

  • INDIAN ARMY DAY (15/01/2021)
  • MARTYR’S DAY (30/01/2021)


Download : January 2021 Report

Location : Sreepathy Institute of Management and technology, Vavanoor, Palakkad

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