Virtual Alumni Meet – “REVERBERATE 2K21

 The Electrical & Electronics Department association (Blitz Krieg) conducted virtual alumni  meet “REVERBERATE 2K21” on 06/06/2021 from 6PM onwards through Google meet. The virtual  meet was attended by Alumni members from all batches starting from 2009 to 2016. The presence of Ex  faculty members and present faculty members added more colors to the event. The main aim for  organizing such an event was to recreate and revive the relationship with the alumni and to maintain a  strong bond with the home institution and the department. The online platform gives opportunity for  alumni members of different batches at different places share their experience and interact together as well  as with faculty members. 

 The Alumni meet Reverberate commenced with a Prayer at 6pm. Mr. Renjith P C, Head of  Department delivered the welcome speech. The welcome address was followed by the Inaugural session.  The meet was inaugurated by Dr.S P Subramanian, Principal, SIMAT. The inauguration session Dr. S P  Subramanian sir gave brief introduction about the need & importance of this type of Virtual alumni meet  in pandemic situation. Vishnulakshmi P P & Sivanath M (Student coordinators, EEE) coordinated the  program. After the inauguration session the event turned in to an informal interactive session. Firstly the  Exfaculty members Ms. Smitha G, Ms. Remya T R, Ms. Smrithy K M shred their view and actively  interacted with alumni members. 

 Through the very friendly and interactive channel and environment provided through the  virtual platform, many of the alumni members & ex faculty members came forward with enthusiasm to  share their personal and carrier status. The alumni members enquired regarding the well-being of faculty  members who guided them during their academic period. Participants shared their experience with  SIMAT and how the course and institution contributed to their personal and professional growth. Each of  the alumni was called upon one-by-one to share their experience and most of them participated with full  enthusiasm. The photographs of different batches shared by the participants are also shown in the Virtual  meet. At the mean time some active performances for alumni as well as present students gave some  memorable moments to the Alumni meet. This includes illusion show by Mr. Sravan Sudhakaran, Song by 

Jijoy M K and Recorded performance by Maneesh menon. This was a wonderful experience for the  Participants and ended with Meet again EEE logo. 

 The meeting came to an end by 08.30 pm with the vote of thanks by Ms. Reshma C (Asst. Prof,  EEE). The event winded up with the National Anthem.

Location : Sreepathy Institute of Management and technology, Vavanoor, Palakkad

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